Industrial Irrigation Pump Supplier in SurinameThe 594 Titan Hydrostatic Test Pump lives up to its new name, the “594 TITAN”. This proven performer is now back on the market and it’s better than ever. The new and improved 594 TITAN offers all of the familiar design features you knew and loved on the original 594 Hydrostatic Test Pump; but we’ve added some brilliant enhancements for a pump that is now tougher, stronger, and more reliable than ever.

The 594 TITAN has often been dubbed “a plumber’s best friend”, but plumbers aren’t the only ones to employ this rough and rugged pump. The durable cast iron construction, the lever linked handle, and the brilliantly simple packed stuffing box offer smooth, efficient operation whether you’re clearing obstructions from pipes, testing pressure gauges, or checking boilers.

Why “TITAN”?

If you’re familiar with the 594 Hydrostatic Test Pump, you’re probably wondering why we changed the name to the 594 TITAN. A couple years back, Griswold Pump Co. decided to discontinue production of the 594 Hydrostatic Test Pump because they were shifting fully into the industrial market. At JKA Pump, we knew that many of you are die-hard fans of this pump, and we couldn’t bear to see it disappear. Thus, we set out to acquire the 594 product.

Around the same time, our family adopted a gorgeous retired Greyhound racing dog named Superior Titan. This 75 pound racer is a powerhouse, and he became the mascot for our newly established company, The Superior Titan Manufacturing Corp.

Superior Titan Manufacturing Corp. only builds one product: the 594 Hydrostatic Test Pump. We’re dedicated to ongoing development and improvement of this pump, and we are committed to carrying on the tradition and quality associated with the original 594 pump that was built nearly 100 years ago.

This pump is rated for pressures up to 400 pounds per square inch, and every 594 TITAN is a force to be reckoned with. So don’t fret about the 594 Hydrostatic Test Pump disappearing. It’s here to stay, and you can order your new 594 TITAN directly from JKA Pump today. Call us for more information at 561-340-1685, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .