Industrial Pump Supplier in GuyanaWhen you’re working with fluids in large quantities, you need a pumping system that’s up to the task. Whether you’re replacing an existing system or setting up a brand new facility, it’s a good idea to get expert support in selecting the right pumps, parts, and systems. JKA Pump is the leading ANSI pump supplier in Trinidad, and we’ll be happy to provide the products and advice you need.

Picking the Right Process Pump

Throughout our time in the industry, we’ve come across plants that use a variety of process pumps. Some use ANSI pumps, others use API pumps, while others still use both. In some cases, companies are equipped with pumps that aren’t the right fit for their processes. Some are using expensive API pumps when they really only need an economical ANSI pump. Some are facing the opposite problem – an ANSI pump that can’t deliver at the level of an API pump.

When you’re equipping your company, take a little time to discuss your processes with our team at JKA Pump. We’re not only the top ANSI pump supplier in Trinidad, but we’re one of the most reliable sources of info on pumps and pumping systems. We are here to help your company thrive, and we do that by providing the system that will be best suited to your unique processes.

What’s the Difference Between ANSI and API Pumps?

The API pump is designed to meet the standards of the American Petroleum Institute (or API) Standard. It’s the top pick when you’re looking for a pump that can handle the high temperatures and aggressive pressures typical in the refinery industry.

ANSI pumps, on the other hand, are built to meet the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (or ANSI). This is the go-to end suction pump, most often favored for moving water and some chemicals in less aggressive processes.

No matter what type of pump you need – be it ANSI, API, or something else altogether – count on the #1 pump supplier in Trinidad. Call JKA Pump today at 800.940.5987or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .