Industrial Irrigation Pump Supplier in Suriname

At JKA Pump, we choose our manufacturers carefully.

We want to deliver the very finest products, and we do that by only offering pumps and parts from tried and proven manufacturers. One brand that we are very proud to carry is Goulds. When you’re looking for superior performance and absolute reliability, then Goulds is the name you can trust. As the leading Goulds 3196 pump supplier in Trinidad, we know that we’ll always leave a happy customer when they’ve chosen a Goulds pump.

Ask anyone who has been in the pumping industry long, and they’ll also vouch for this standard-setting company. We recommend Goulds with confidence because we know that this manufacturer delivers high reliability and maximum durability in fluid handling. Goulds pumps are found in a wide variety of applications today, including pulp and paper processing, chemical processes, food and beverage handling, petrochemical processes, and in the handling of primary metals.

We have chosen to be a Goulds 3196 pump supplier in Trinidad because we know that we’re delivering the best product to our customers. As you’ve probably seen (perhaps more than once), many pumps begin to decrease in performance over time. Parts begin to wear out, and processes begin to slow down. Whether you’re running a large scale operation or a small process plant, you need your pumps working at full capacity. That’s why we heartily recommend Goulds. These pumps are designed with twice the amount of wear space. This will keep your pumps going for twice as long, which means less down time, reduced repair costs, and a much higher ROI for you.

Goulds pumps offer additional impressive features that further enhance performance. These include an open, adjustable impeller which can be tweaked to compensate for wear, and engineered seal chambers which provide a highly durable seal for extended lengths of time.

Goulds is a name you can trust, and that’s why JKA Pump is proud to be a Goulds 3196 pump supplier in Trinidad. To find out more about this brand and our other products, talk to us at 800.940.5987or email our support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .