Industrial Irrigation Pump Supplier in Suriname

For over half a century, Wilden has led the market with their high quality AODD (air-operated double diaphragm) pumps. Through consistent innovation and commitment to quality, this company has set industry standards and continues to exceed customer expectations. If you’re in the market for a pump that just won’t quit, talk to us about Wilden pumping systems. As the number one supplier of Wilden pumps in Guatemala, we’ll show you just how powerful and reliable these systems can be.

At JKA Pump, we’re serious about delivering the very best, most reliable pumping systems to you, our customers. That’s why we are very careful about the brands we carry and the manufacturers we work with. Not all make the cut, but Wilden is a name that we are very proud to carry. As the market leader in AODD pumping technology, this company stands head and shoulders above the rest, offering high tech solutions and innovative new products.

Wilden is actually the inventor of the AODD pump, and their constant innovation and undying creativity has spurred a whole array of new air distribution technology and positive displacement pumping systems. Wilden has continued to build new and better products, and we are proud to be a Wilden pump supplier in Guatemala.

If you’re facing tough, complex pumping problems, we’d love to help. We believe that Wilden pumps offer a cost effective, energy efficient solution for a wide variety of pumping applications. AODD pumps are some of the most versatile machines, as they can handle mediums ranging from pure water to 90% solids. They handle heat well without transferring heat to the medium, without degradation, and without frothing or separation of the medium.

When you’re looking for a cost-effective, innovative solution, count on JKA Pump to deliver. We’ll be your Wilden pump supplier in Guatemala, offering the best prices, most reliable products, and the most knowledgeable support. Contact us at 800.940.5987or email our pump experts at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .