Discover the Best Molasses Pump Supplier in Jamaica

 Industrial Irrigation Pump Supplier in SurinameAs you well know, molasses is thick, viscous, and heavy. When you’re planning to move it from one place to the next, you need a pump that’s up to the task. That’s why you should talk to JKA Pump! We’re the leading molasses pump supplier in Jamaica, and we’ve got solutions that will keep your molasses flowing smoothly no matter what!

Molasses is heavy. It weighs in at about 90lbs per cubic foot. It’s not the heaviest fluid on the spectrum, but it’s no lightweight by any means. That means that you need a pump that can handle fluids at that weight.

Molasses is generally a safe fluid to handle; however, it’s important to know that carbon dioxide and alcohol vapor can form if water is allowed to mix with molasses in a holding container. While the molasses itself might be harmless, these vapors are flammable and can be a safety hazard. It’s important to fully ventilate a container before any hot work is done on or around your molasses tank.

One factor that must be considered is viscosity. When you think about particularly viscous fluids, molasses is probably one that springs to mind right away. Interestingly enough, this doesn’t need to pose much of a problem. Incorporating a simple heating device can solve the problem and make molasses much easier to handle. In fact, warming molasses by just 10 degrees F will cut its viscosity in half!

Of course, it’s still important to use the right equipment when you’re moving molasses from one place to another. As the leading molasses pump supplier in Jamaica, we’ve seen just how important correct equipment can be. We carry a great selection of pumps that are ideal for handling molasses, including gear pumps, sliding vane pumps, and reciprocating pumps.

Before you select a pumping solution for your processes, talk to our team about the right pumps for handling molasses. As the leading molasses pump supplier in Jamaica, we’ve got the expertise you need to keep your business (and your molasses) flowing smoothly. Get in touch at 800.940.5987 or shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .