Crane Deming Pump Supplier in Dominican Republic

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Today, we’re the leading Crane Deming pump supplier in the Dominican Republic. We’ve seen first-hand what the Crane Deming company can do, and they never fail to impress us. Deming produces one of the most diverse catalogues of products on the market today. Their product lineup ranges from end suction general service pumps to horizontally split double suction single and two stage pumps, from ANSI inline process pumps to submersible motor and vertical column sump pumps.

A few products in the Crane Deming line up include:

The 3060

This no-nonsense all-purpose end suction centrifugal pump is designed to exacting ANSI B75.1 specs. It’s built for heavy duty service and can handle anything from water to heavy slurries. The 3060 comes in 14 different sizes and can handle temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 3180

These Inline pumps are fantastic space savers. They offer versatile application, a back pull-out design, and can be used across a wide range of industries. The 3180 comes in 11 different sizes and all are built to meet ANSI B73.2 requirements.

The 3000 and 4000

Another versatile line in the Crane Deming catalogue, the 3000 and 4000 Deming centrifugal pumps are built with heavy wall castings and are excellent in nearly any commercial or industrial application. They’re easy to maintain, they’re reliable, and don’t wear out easily.

Crane isn’t a company that does things half way. Their pumps can be used in nearly every possible application, and are wonderfully reliable for handling fluids efficiently and safely. Whether you’re moving molasses or running a nuclear facility, Crane Deming pumps will always be at the top of our recommended list. That’s why we’re proud to be a Crane Deming pump supplier in the Dominican Republic.

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