Industrial Irrigation Pump Supplier in SurinameChoosing the right industrial chemical process pump is of paramount importance for the sustainability and the safety of your practices. Chemicals should be dealt with in the right way, which is why you need high quality equipment.

Trinidad has several industrial chemical process pump suppliers but the customer experience varies greatly. Choosing the right industrial chemical process pump supplier is all about examining the portfolio of the company, getting access to reliable customer service and receiving personalized suggestions that will benefit your business.

JKA Pump has been active on the Trinidad market for years, building stable partnerships with numerous industrial clients in the country.

Our reputation is based on the strenuous testing that we do prior to offering equipment to customers. All of the pumps in the JKA portfolio have been examined by our expert team. This is the only way to ensure quality and give our clients the solutions that they need.

Some of the brands represented by JKA Pump in Trinidad include:

  •     Crown
  •     Prosser
  •     Weinman
  •     Almatec
  •     Crane Pumps & Systems
  •     Barnes
  •     Burks Pumps
  •     Crane Deming
  •     PSG – Pump Solutions Group
  •     Wilden
  •     Neptune
  •     Mouvex Blackmer
  •     Met-Pro Global Pump Solutions
  •     Fybroc
  •     Dean Pump
  •     Ebara
  •     BJM Pumps
  •     Deming Pumps
  •     Ampco Pumps Company
  •     Pacer
  •     Hayward Gordon
  •     Griswold
  •     EnviroGear
  •     Blackmer

As you can see, we have many high quality options to offer. Over our 30 years of experience, we’ve identified the most reputable brands and we’ve made it possible for our numerous chemical industry clients to streamline processes and boost productivity.

We sell both pump and pumping components for reliable, cost-efficient maintenance. Are you sure that you have the right industrial chemical process pump system in place? If not, you should get in touch with the JKA Pump team immediately.

Don’t hesitate to call us at 800-940-5987 or email our team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We’re confident that we have at least a few solutions that correspond to all of your company’s requirements.