JKA is headquarters for clog-free wastewater pumps: JKA is your headquarters for “clog-free” wastewater pumps. Regardless of whether your requirement is for a submersible or above ground pump, JKA has a solution when it comes to replacing pumps with clogging issues. The new SHV series from Barnes outperforms the competition when it comes to passing difficult solids in wastewater transfer. Weinman horizontal vortex pumps excel at passing difficult solids with their recessed impeller design. BJM submersible shredder pumps “chew up and spit out” any difficult solids they encounter. These are just a few of the solutions JKA can offer for difficult wastewater applications. Ask an associate for details.

Neptune Mixers offer a broad spectrum of solutions in mixing applications: Neptune mixers offer a variety of solutions to your process mixing applications. Single prop, dual prop, various mounting arrangements and optional materials of constructions offer the user an array of solutions for their mixing requirements. Ask a sales associate for more details on Neptune mixers!

JKA is pleased to announce the addition of NEPTUNE: JKA is pleased to announce the addition of NEPTUNE to our World Class line-up of pumping products. NEPTUNE manufactures an impressive line of motor driven metering pumps with capacities up to 300 GPH and pressures up to 4000 PSI. In addition, the NEPTUNE line includes electronic metering pumps, motor & air driven mixers, and a wide array of accessories targeted at the water treatment market.

Blackmer Industrial re-joins the JKA line-up: JKA is proud to welcome back the Blackmer Industrial product line. As a key member of the newly formed Dover Fluid Handling “Pump Solutions Group” (PSG), Blackmer rotary vane pumps have been “on the job” pumping both viscous and non-viscous fluids for over 100 years. This wealth of experience enables us to ensure the proper selection and application of Blackmer pumping products for your most challenging pumping problems.

Dover Pump Group formed:  Dover Corporation, Parent Corporation of Wilden Pump, has announced the formation of the "PSG" (Pump Solutions Group), a consolidation of Dover's Fluid Handling holdings under a single umbrella.  The pump brands involved are Wilden, Blackmer, Griswold, Neptune and Mouvex.  JKA is playing an important role in PSG; check the Products page for more details.

Griswold Pump Returns to Product Line Up:  JKA and Klein Pump are proud to announce the return of Griswold Pump to our World Class line up of of quality pump products.  Griswold is an up and coming leader in ANSI Process Pumps and is quickly becoming a key product line for both JKA and Klein Pump.  Read more at www.griswoldpump.com.

VICAN Pump (Viking of Canada) has announced further consolidation of its manufacturing facilities with Viking Pump USA.  The result is additional migration of Viking USA models to the VICAN side.  For VICAN, the result will be in a modernization of its product line and more interchangeable models with Viking USA.